Saints and Demons

In the beginning there was God and he was lonely after he created the universe and all the world he split his personality up into the good, the bad, the vices and virtues of his own being. He also created the races the elves, halflings, the humans and dwarves the hobgoblin and the orcs

The vices and virtues started fighting with each for there fathers favor after a while God got upset over this and told them they need to learn what it is to be a mortal have pieces of all the vice and virtues.

The now called Angels and Demons down to the earth these immortal beings mingled with the society that was forming and found their favorite humanoids among them and they gave them small pieces of power to help them succeed over there non special brethern

As more of them curried favor to there is our favorite humanoids. They started fighting amongst themselves eventually the the humanoids that were given power from there angels and demons rose to the top and large scale war started happen between the races.

These powerful humanoids were called now called Saints among there peers and the histories and the books now call them the Saint Wars. Finally, again, God stepped in and decreed that all Angels and Demons could not directly effect or influence humanoids anymore. Even though the Saints followed them to the Planes at this point the Saints of the world, far beyond normal humanoids in power. So the angels and demons took there God quite literally and we’re now separated between a heaven and hell with Alcore and humanoids between Saints kept mettling with the humanoids following Angles and Demons whims

Saints and Demons